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Today, I want to tell you about big business – and about a life-changing product.

As a single mother of three, I want to have options.

Working as a Loan Officer in the Mortgage Banking Industry, I made transactions totaling millions of dollars, and as a result made great money; however I had to work lots of hours to achieve this level of success. Truthfully, I was only as good as my next sale.

I was introduced to direct sales and network marketing by a friend. Realizing that it was time for a change, and wanting (needing) to be at home with my children, I left my ten-year career. I further saw network marketing’s potential by watching my brother’s success. Over several years’ time in the industry, he had increased his monthly income to between $30,000 and $50,000.* That got my attention. I started working with my brother in his business.

After two weeks of working with my brother, I received a call from a friend in California. My friend told me about a forty year old company that originated in Japan, and that he has been able to create a seven-figure income within his first two years – and multiple seven-figures by his eighth year. 1

It took my brother fifteen (15) years just to generate $30,000 to $50,000 monthly; my friend had generated twenty (20) times as much money, in twelve (12) fewer years. THAT got my attention.

I flew to California and met people from my friend’s company – now MY company – Enagic, where I met people who were drinking and talking about Kangen Water®.2 People were creating massive amounts of income in just a few months’ time1 – giving away free water. It was then that I realized I’d found a financial vehicle that could allow me to replace my income AND could provide long-term financial security.

A week after the California conference, I flew to Okinawa, Japan.

In the last ninety (90) days, I have generated over $7,000 in commissions, and have already positioned myself to earn six figures in the next six months.1 This opportunity allows you to work from home, earn substantial commissions, and get paid immediately. With the health benefits the water provides, and with the support system that is already in place, the product practically sells itself.

Whether you have a huge physical or financial need, Enagic can help with both. I am living proof!

I am looking for individuals who want to create six-figure incomes within the next few months, and seven-figure incomes within the next eighteen (18) months. Are YOU one of those people? If so, join me in this incredible opportunity and let’s transform the way the world thinks about water!

“Change Your Water, Change Your Life!!!”

1 Enagic makes no claims or guarantees of income that a retailer may earn.

2 Kangen Water® is a registered trademark of Enagic Co., Ltd.

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